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If you already know that you want to buy Indy for Chitra Publications' Quilting Today magazine, click here to Order.

If you want to know more about Indy, read on.

Does seeing all of the projects that have ever been described in Chitra Publications' Quilting Today Magazine, like the pieced Star quilt at left, interest you ? Read On !

Indy is a program that lets you search a database of Quilting Today Magazine articles and then it shows you the results pictorially.

Most quilters generally know what they want to create and the styles that appeal to them. For example, they may know that they want to build a Star quilt and that they tend to build things in a particular style (such as Traditional or Contemporary). Simple, textual-only magazine indices only help with the first half of the selection problem, the searching part. The Indy program does more. It searches and it displays what the search matches look like. So you can see what a particular Star quilt looks like before you go through all of your magazines to find the article!

Please note that Indy shows you the first page of the article that matches the text that you were searching for, not the entire article.

An index like Indy maximizes your usage of the excellent articles and submissions that have been a part of the Quilting Today magazine. The articles have all been done in good taste and they ought to be referenced for their timeless designs and techniques. You will make better use of your old issues if you are able to have the article images closer at hand.

The Quilting Today magazine, unlike other magazines, represents the contributions of a lot of its readers. So maybe you ought to buy this index just to see and show your own contributions to your friends. The index covers over 2,300 Quilting Today pages. The index, since it is pictorial, is also a good reference regarding what different quilts look like - even if you do not own the magazine issues.

If this makes sense to you and you would like to see Indy in action, take a look at the Indy Program Examples.

The Indy program was written in the Java programming language. This means it has the capability of running on a lot of different computer platforms such as: Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and the Unix derivatives. Due to the differences in testing and distributing the program to these different platforms, Indy is only available for the Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh OS X families of operating systems at this time.

The suggested System Requirements for the Indy program follow this paragraph. The Indy program will run on slower processors with less RAM. It will just take longer to search the article database and draw the article images. It is also highly probable that the Indy program will run on a wider array of Windows operating systems (such as Windows 3.1 and WindowsMe). If your Windows operating system is not in the list and you would like to try Indy anyway, let us know at the time of purchase that this is the case and we will reimburse both the cost of the product and your return shipping cost if you try it and discover that it doesn't work on your Windows operating system. (Make sure you check here before you buy as this requirements list will be periodically updated to reflect other user experiences.)

  •  For the Windows User:
  •  Intel Pentium processor - 300 MHz or faster
  •  Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7 Operating System
  •  64MB RAM
  •  32MB free hard disk space
  •  CD Drive
  •  For the Macintosh OS X User:
  •  300 MHz or faster processor
  •  Macintosh OS X 10.0 or newer Operating System
  •  64MB RAM
  •  32MB free hard disk space
  •  CD Drive

The Indy program displays article images that it finds in the Quilting Today Magazine. If you buy the Indy program for that purpose, you can also use the Indy program to catalog your own magazine article collections as long as you do not sell the result to other users.

If you like what you have seen and read, click here to Order.

Want to see an Indy demo ?   Click here.  (The demo is of our woodworking index but we think that you will understand how it will work similarly for the Quilting Today magazine.)

Would you like to see Indy developed for another of your magazines ? Tell us so using the Feedback page listed at the left.

Would you like to see Indy distributed to computer platforms other than the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms ? Tell us so using the Feedback page listed at the left.


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